Contacting Delinquent Taxpayers in Florida

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I received a question from Lee about contacting delinquent taxpayers in Florida. He asks

I have been reading the florida statute on tax liens and it says that if i have a lien on a property i can not contact the owner during the 22 month redemption period. But i can’t find anything that say it’s illegal to contact the owner of a property that is going to a tax deed auction sale. Do you know have any idea?”

Here’s my reply:

“You’re right on the no-contact period.  If you do, the county tax collector has the right to ban you from the next tax auction. On your question, I’ve read thru the statute and have not seen anything specific about not contacting the property owner before a tax deed sale.  I’ve had tax collectors put me in touch with homeowners just prior to a deed sale who were requesting that I allow a postponement of the sale date.  In my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as you are not miss representing yourself or the situation. I’m not an attorney so if you think you may be borderline on a situation, I’d ask one familiar with foreclosures and tax deed sales.”

The Florida statute that Lee references about not contacting delinquent taxpayers for two years after April 1st (22 months after the tax certificate sale) can be found here: Title XIV, Chapter 197.432, Paragraph 14.

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