Indiana Tax Liens

State Guide to Investing in Indiana Tax Lien Certificates

Overview of Indiana Tax Lien Certificates:

Indiana Auction Type:  Online or Live (Varies by County)

Indiana Statutory Interest Rate:  10% penalty if redeemed in the first six months or a 15% penalty if redeemed after six months.

Date of Auction(s): Fall

Overbid State/Type:  Yes/Refundable upon Redemption, Penalty Rate of 10% is earned on overbid

Indiana Redemption Period:  One Year

Indiana Subsequent Taxes:  Available. Not required to purchase.

Indiana Tax Lien Foreclosure Process:  Petition for Deed, File for Quiet Title

Indiana Tax Lien Attorney Required?  Yes, for deed petition and quiet title

Largest/Best Auctions in Indiana:

Resources / Links:

Advantages of Indiana Tax Liens:

  • Short Redemption Period
  • Good Interest Rate – On both lien amount and overbid
  • Higher likelihood of receiving tax deed to a property

Disadvantages of Indiana Tax Liens:

  • Noticing must be sent out by tax lien investor or their attorney
  • Code enforcement liens are ahead of tax liens in priority
  • Very competitive auctions push up lien to value ratios (50-80% of value)