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Have a Question about Tax Liens or Tax Certificate Investing?

Seriously…ask me anything and I’ll give you the best answer I know or just tell you that I don’t have an answer.

 No Cost, No Ads, just free advice that you can choose what to do with.

 All I ask of you is that you ask me the question on my Facebook page about Tax Lien Investing.

Answers to Tax Lien Questions such as:

    • What is a tax lien?
    • What is a tax certificate?
    • What is a tax deed?  
    • Who makes for a good tax lien attorney?
    • What is a quiet title?
    • Or, better yet, challenge me with a really difficult question!
For those of you less “public” than posting a question on my Facebook page, you can ask me privately by email at or by filling the form below.  I’ll also be sure to add you to my tax lien investing community where you’ll receive direct information from me with tips, information and more.

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