Guest Post – Attending a “No Money Down” Real Estate Seminar

Guest Post – Attending a “No Money Down” Real Estate Seminar
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One of the main reasons I started my blog was because of my frustration with the lack of good information out on the web about tax lien.  Worse still, there were numerous websites pushing expensive tax lien courses and seminars from “less than experienced” real estate gurus or were outright tax lien scams.  One of my newsletter subscribers Kevin wrote me with his experience with one of these guru seminars.  Fortunately, he was actually able to get a refund for his ‘less than expected’ seminar.

Kevin attended a tax lien seminar from an associate of a well-known real estate guru after seeing an informercial about buying properties for little or no money down.    Here’s how Kevin describes his experience from the seminar:

In the seminar, they share some information about how to purchase properties below wholesale price, from short sale, foreclosure, from FOB, and etc.  They did not really reveal all the details about how to put the deals together and try to sell everyone 3 days course that will provide all the details to invest in real estate.  They also provide Money Back Guarantee, if the individual follow all the instructions and able to make profit from flipping properties, and purchased at least 6 Tax Lien Certificates.  The 3 days course cost $2000, and the Tax Lien course cost $1000

The speaker actually did reveal more information about real estate investment in that 3 days course.  It does help an individual who does not know anything about real estate investment to learn about more creative way in purchasing/or should I saw control the interests of the properties without good credit, down payment, or very little down payment.  

The trainer even challenged individuals to find them any properties online and offline.  He called about 30-40 sellers and showed how he would purchase those properties at wholesale prices.  It was not rocket science, and it made a lot of sense how individual is able to purchase properties without credits, down payment or low down payment.

At the end of 3 days course, they will try to sell one on one mentorship program with all the so call successful gurus within the Dean Graziosi network.  That Cost anywhere from $5000 to $20000.  

I have to say that, the things they taught in the seminar does have some values.  However, it’s probably not worth $2000 since they did not reveal all the information how to put the deal together, such as what next, after a seller accepted the offer.

I feel as though, I was quite lucky with your help, I was able to purchased over 6 tax liens certificate totaled over $2500.  I managed to fedex Notarized Affidavit, and all the evidence of the tax lien certificates purchase.  60 days later, I received a refund from them.  One of the older gentleman I met in the seminar refund request was denied.  I believe the reason why it was denied, is because he did not mailed in his request or mailed in enough documentation for the refund.  I have to say that, they make it very difficult, if not impossible for a newbie to claim the refund, if they do not know what they are dealing with tax lien certificates.

The requirement to get the refund on that 3 days course is to purchase 1 property using the strategy with the technique the individual learned during the seminar and able to flip it within 90 days.  Again, this is almost impossible in this market.  First, a person need to purchase a property at a very low price, able to rehab, and have it sold within 90 days with positive cash flow.

I would not discredit them entirely, but it is not as easy as they shown on infomercial.

Thanks Kevin!  So, the story isn’t as bad as it could have been since he received a refund (after a lot of hassle and paperwork).  However, spending thousands on a seminar learning a technique that is very, very tough to implement might not be the best use of your hard-earned time and money.

Please reply if anyone else has similar experiences or stories to share!

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  1. Susan says:

    Hi, I just bought the Tax Lien Program, too. I was wondering if you could let me know if you have had any problems with the 6 liens that you bought from them. Have you resold them or are you holding onto them? azngal_here at yahoo do t com

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