Buying South Carolina Tax Liens

Buying South Carolina Tax Liens
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Want to Know More about South Carolina tax lien auctions?

Beginning the first week of October and continuing thru December, each of the counties in South Carolina host delinquent tax lien auctions.  These are primarily held the first week of each month.  You can also checkout my Kindle e-book about the South Carolina tax auction entitled: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in South Carolina Tax Liens

This state is great for fast returns and the real possibility of owning the property after one year.  It’s a short, one-year redemption period and then you’ll receive deed to the property.  Furthermore, all of the noticing and payment collection is handled by the county tax collector during that time period.

Keep in mind, it’s an overbid state, meaning that you have to bid an amount over and above what’s owed for taxes. This adds to your risk buying these South Carolina tax liens, so you’ll need to do extra due diligence and manage your bids wisely.

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Best of luck if you’re attending any of these auctions. If you have questions about my thoughts on buying South Carolina tax liens, sign up for my newsletter and reply with a question!

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