South Carolina Tax Liens

South Carolina Tax Liens
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Feel free to download any of the below PDFs to add to your own library absolutely free.  Great information about the South Carolina tax lien auction and South Carolina tax liens.

Pros and Cons of South Carolina Tax Lien Investing (PDF)

How the Penalty Rate and Overbid Work (PDF)

Find out more directly from the South Carolina state statutes:

South Carolina: Title 12, Chapter 51

South Carolina ranks as one of the best states to invest in tax liens for the aggressive investor.  You are more likely to end up with a property and make a gain in SC than you are in any other state (unless you’re buying tax deeds directly).


Because South Carolina tax liens have both a short, one-year right of redemption and it’s an overbid auction.  The only other major state with an equivalent structure is Indiana.  But, unlike Indiana, the counties in SC do all of the noticing for you.

What’s the downside?

First, there is additional risk because of the overbid component.  Many of the bidders push up the overbid on the underlying property to 40, 50 even 60% or more of its assessed value.  Since I do most of my own investing in overbid states, I encourage you to sign up to my tax lien newsletter as I’ll go into depth about different bidding strategies in these and other states.

Secondly, since the amount of interest you can earn is capped at the opening bid amount, your interest rate may get pushed down to the single digits.

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