90% of All Tax Lien Investing Websites are Just Hype and Scams

90% of All Tax Lien Investing Websites are Just Hype and Scams
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You probably already knew this.  If you do a search for anything related to tax lien certificates, you’ll come across websites promising you huge returns, little information or low-value product sales pages. I do alot of research on different states’ tax sales and tax lien law and it’s completely annoying what you find out there.

That’s why I created the tax lien investing website!

I really created this just for myself as a way to put my thoughts and resources together. Obviously, it’s expanded out quite a bit since I first started the blog.  I found that most of my emails from readers were new investors that jumped into buying tax liens because they signed up for some “easy money” webinar or marketing package.  Then, they discovered they didn’t have the first clue about the underlying real estate they bought liens on or they didn’t understand that their state required notices to be sent out, etc.

I am completely dedicated to providing as much, accurate information about tax certificate and tax lien investing as I can find.  I will develop a great community of like-minded investors that can share ideas and strategies (see below) and ensure the information is on-point and not hype.  And, finally, I’ll put all this information together in an easily organized manner.  At some point, I’ll release an e-book or two, that will have the same pledge — No BS, No Hype, Just Real Information and Pro Advice on Tax Lien Investing.

Upcoming Changes to my Tax Lien Website

First, you’ll see less articles and more resources added.  Specifically, I am going to add much more to my state-by-state investing guides including “Mini E-Books” about each state.

Second, for those of you that want more strategies, tax auction schedules, and investing tips, I’ve started a newsletter.  Look to your right on this page, and you’ll see a sign-up form.  Just fill in your name and email address and you’re on it.  It’ll be more than just a weekly email, it’s your way to join this community of investors.  Once you’re signed up, you can:

  • Email me with questions and I’ll find you an answer. (Just reply to the emails you receive)
  •  You can ask me to refer you to a tax lien lawyer, and I’ll see if I know one that’s great.  
  • Plus, I’ll soon add more features that will allow interaction between investors–to buy and sell liens, get the latest news and tax lien law changes, and just share great information.

So, I encourage you to sign in.  And, one more promise–you won’t be spammed, you won’t receive daily emails, and I won’t share your email with anyone unless you want me to.



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