Tax Lien Investing Book Review

Tax Lien Investing Book Review
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A subscriber to my blog recently asked me what books are out there to help her get started investing in tax liens.  My answer should have been “my book, of course”. But, I’m not there yet.  I’m about a 1/4 of the way through with a goal of completing it by October 1st, 2011.  It will be “the source” for those just learning about how to invest in tax liens and those who have much more experience looking for strategies and ideas to manage their portfolio.

For now, I recommend the book The Complete Guide to Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens & Deeds: How to Earn High Rates of Return – Safely by Jamaine Burrell over the other books and e-books you can find online.   Although the author does not have that much direct experience investing in tax liens, she paired up with a seasoned investor and brings in-depth knowledge about investing in tax liens across a broad spectrum of topics.  I use it more as a reference book when researching specifics about a state or topic such as random selection bidding auctions.

It does not, however, discuss strategies for selecting properties to bid on nor does it share experiences of managing the foreclosure or quiet title process.  It’s a book that won’t convince you to get into the tax lien market, but it will be a useful guide once you’ve decided that your ready to buy tax liens and need a straight-forward guide to the terms and processes involved.

If you’re just curious about tax liens and tax certificates, The 16% Solution: How to Get High Interest Rates in a Low-Interest World with Tax Lien Certificates, Revised Edition by Joel Moskowitz describes the benefits, safety and expected returns of tax liens in different states.  It was the first book I bought on the subject more than ten years ago and has recently been revised.  It’s a quick read but does not go into depth about the subject.  I found it more of a motivating tool to begin a deeper look into tax liens and was my catalyst for getting into the niche full time.

OK, hope those help but for those of you that have patience, I will have my own book out this year.  It will absolutely be on top of the charts.

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